Charcot Joint

Charcot joint disease, also referred to as neuroarthropathy, is a degenerative condition affecting stress-bearing joints, such as the foot and ankle. Among the leading causes of Charcot joint disease are diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hereditary insensitivity to pain, and chronic alcoholism. It also can result from traumatic injury to the foot or ankle that goes undetected or is not deemed serious enough for treatment, leading to further fracture and dislocation of the bones and joints.


  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Unexplained swelling in the foot or ankle
  • Redness and warmth on the top of the foot or ankle (occasionally)
  • Bruising (rarely)


  • Non-weightbearing and immobilization through the use of crutches, walker and removable cast or brace
  • Custom orthotics and shoes
  • Reconstructive surgery