The spine not only protects nerve roots, it also enables the body to be flexible and mobile.

The lowest section, the lumbar spine, offers the most mobility and supports all the weight of the upper body. As a result, the lumbar spine and lower back are especially prone to injury. Other sections of the spine susceptible to injury include the cervical (at the base of the skull) and thoracic (upper back) regions.

Conditions that affect the spine can be simple or complex. Spine specialists at The Center for Orthopaedics — Dr. Andrew Hutter, Dr. Kevin Egan and Dr. Neil Kahanovitz — provide both nonsurgical and surgical care to treat spine disorders. Dr. Hutter remains one of the few orthopaedic surgeons skilled in epiduroscopy, a relatively new procedure that targets therapy for problems of the lumbar spine. Dr. Kahanovitz has led many hospital-based spine programs and won several awards for his research of the lumbar spine and low back pain.

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