Staff Directory

In an effort to help our patients effectively reach us the following list is being provided.

Immediate Attention – Option 2
This option is open for patients that need to speak with one of our staff on an urgent basis for those situations that need same day attention.

Our front desk staff

  • Front Desk, Leonor Aborresco, extension 189
  • Front Desk, Erica Schwartz, extension 137

Appointment desk – Option 3
If our appointment desk is busy, our patient’s calls will be held in queue and will be handled as soon as our staff is free. We sincerely appreciate your patience during peak calling times and we make every attempt to accommodate you when we speak with you.

  • Dolores Pepe, extension 110
  • Patricia Gaynor, extension 186

Messages for Physicians, Physician Assistants and Medical Assistants - All non-urgent messages for physicians can be left with the medical assistant for each doctor.

  • Jackie Montoya, Medical Assistant, extension 157
  • Sari Kaplan, Medical Assistant, extension 139
  • Steven Kestlinger, Physician Assistant, extension 120
  • Kevin Egan, MD
  • Andrew M. Hutter, MD – Medical Assistant, Sari Kaplan, extension 139
  • Neil Kahanovitz, MD – Medical Assistant, Sari Kaplan, extension 139
  • David Loya, MD – Medical Assistant, Jackie Montoya, extension 157
  • Matthew Zornitzer, MD – Medical Assistant, Jackie Montoya, extension 157

Billing Department – Option 6

  • Billing, Sandy Rosenthal, extension 122

If your insurance requires authorization for specific tests you may contact

  • Insurance Coordinator, Kathy White, extension 141
  • Insurance Coordinator, Johnna Turner, extension 142

Patients having surgery and have questions regarding scheduling or pre-admission testing can contact

  • Surgical Scheduler, Kathy White, extension 141
  • Surgical Scheduler, Johnna Turner, extension 142